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IVC Farm ribbon cutting by the Board of Trustees and Dr. Coon.

Dr. Coon, President at College of Marin, introducing our new Miwok Aquatic Center!

IVC's new culinary kitchen partnering with our local Nugget Market.

Our Steering Committee of Friends of IVC. Left-right, Calitta Moore, Diana Conti, Shelly Scott, Co-Chair, Kathleen Freitag & Sue Potter. Sandi Bowman, Co-Chair is taking the photo.


Temporary buildings have been installed by Building 27 to hold classes while Pomo Cluster is being remodeled.


The islands at entrance have been planted to include Olive Trees!

Pomo Cluster getting ready for new windows, paint and remodeling. It will be ready for Spring 2019.

Solar going up in parking lots.

Diseased trees being removed.

Building 19 down to the pad to build our new Jonas Community Center!

Going forward the Jonas Community Center design has received enthusiastic support from the Novato Rotary membership following a presentation to their club by the architect, David Bogstad, LCA Architects.  Board of Trustees voted in going forward.

The Olema Cluster of buildings is now under renovation to be completed for Fall 2020.

Just in case you missed the IVC (Indian Valley Campus) Miwok Aquatic presentation on November 12, here's a rendering of what's to come.This will include not one but two pools, several classrooms, and locker rooms.


November 2018 is the expected time to break ground. We're so excited!

IVC Solar Installation in parking lots

IVC Clearing trees with Sudden Oak Death disease

We have great news!


Have you noticed some things going on at our IVC campus? Come to our public meeting and hear the presentation by ELS and Blach Construction who has been chosen by the District to design and build the new Miwok Center. The presentation will be November 12, 1pm-3pm at the ESCOM, Building 10 at Indian Valley Campus. Please come a bit early so you can get a seat.


We look forward to seeing you there!

We want to welcome David Evershed, our new Lead Gardener! We're glad to have him.


Building 20 demolition to make room for the new Jonas Community Center. Completion expected in 2020. Buildings 21, 22, and 23 were also removed to make room for new classrooms dedicated to Farm and food related courses.

Our new vision has begun!


October 21, 2017

Fall Open House


Come join us at Indian Valley Organic Farm and Garden for our Fall Open House from 10 AM to 2 PM!

We have activities for everyone! 

Location: Indian Valley Organic Farm and Garden, 1800 Ignacio Blvd, Novato, 94949

Directions: From North 101 take the Bel Marin Keys exit; from South 101 Take the Ignacio Blvd. exit. Take Ignacio Boulevard west to the end. Park in
lots 5 or 6. 


We look forward to seeing you there!

July 18, 2017

Save the Date! COM Community Meeting

Tuesday, July 18th will be the Board of Trustees meeting at the College of Marin  Kentfield campus, 835 College Ave. An important issue will be discussed at the Study Session which starts at 2:00 PM in Room 229.

The initial design concept for the Miwok Aquatic Center will presented along with a  recommendation for which architect to select for the project. The recommendation is from a selection committee that includes pool users and other community stakeholders as well as other experts.

The design concept is merely a concept at this point. There will be many opportunities for the community to give feedback as the design phase begins. First the architect must be selected. 

We are advocating for:

  • Approval of the committee's recommendation of architect 

  • Friends of IVC community is looking forward to being involved in stakeholder meetings as the design is developed. 

  • COM should be mindful of keeping its deadlines to avoid further costs if there is a delay.


We look forward to seeing you there!

June 11, 2017

Monthly FIVC Steering Committee Meeting

The Steering Committee of FIVC are supporting the transformation of our Indian Valley Campus by serving as a voice for the community as well as ensuring consistent progress! We would like to welcome our new members Kathleen Freitag and Sue Potter to the Steering Committee! Thank you to all Indian Valley Campus supporters! You are all so very appreciated!

Friends of Indian Valley Campus Steering Committee Members

Top (Left to Right): Ross Millerick (Novato School Board), Kathleen Freitag (New Member, Realtor), Sue Potter (New Member), Callita Moore (IVC Historian), Diana Conti (Pres. Board of Trustees)

Bottom (Left to Right): Sandi Bowman (Co Chair FIVC, Realtor), Shelly Scott (Co Chair FIVC, Novato School Board), Gloria Kopshever (IVC Historian)

April 19, 2017

Sonoma State University Partners with COM!

College of Marin (COM) and Sonoma State University (SSU) have partnered up to offer more options to Marin students in earning their Bachelor's degree! Upper Division SSU courses will be offered to COM students as early as the Fall 2018 semester.

"This partnership with Sonoma State creates a seamless path to a local bachelor's degree for Marin County residents. For College of Marin students, the prospect of completing a four year degree while never having to leave the comfort and resources they have come to know here at COM is significant. College of Marin is now connecting with students form the 9th grade through completion of a four-year degree. This partnership is the next logical step in our commitment to educational opportunity for all." 
            - Jonathan Eldridge, acting superintendent/president

For more information, visit the College of Marin website. Thank you for your constant support and participation!

February 23, 2017

COM Campuses Accreditation Process

College of Marin is in the process of being accredited by the Accrediting Commission for Community and Junior Colleges. There are four stages in the accreditation process:

            1. Community College must write a self evaluation in order to highlight their own plans for growth.

            2. Trained educational peers visit to do their own evaluation.

            3. Consider both evaluations to determine the status of the college.

            4. Institutions use evaluations to make improvements.

Currently, the College of Marin campuses are in the second step waiting to be evaluated by 11 community college administrators from March 6-9. Since the last accreditation the college has made significant improvements including opening a new academic center in 2015, developing new programs to encourage education, and hiring new faculty to provide a fresh perspective.  Local supporters of Indian Valley Campus are encouraged to attend the accreditation meeting in Deedy Lounge at Kentfield campus on March 7 from 3-4pm or the ESCOM center (Building 10, room 140) from 5:30-6:30pm. 

February 16, 2017

"Works in Progress" Marin IJ Article

The developments of College of Marin’s Kentfield and Indian Valley campuses will begin this summer. These renovations will be made thanks to the $265 million bond passed last June. Below is a list of some of the major upgrades expected to get started provided by the Marin Independent Journal article “Works In Progress."

  • “Bulldozers will be rolling and hammers swinging at the College of Marin’s campuses as work begins this summer on projects funded by the $265 million bond voters passed last June”

  • “$18 million to keep classroom technology and furnishings up to date at the Kentfield and Indian Valley campuses”

  • “$11.6 million has been designated to build an aquatic center at the Indian Valley Campus, scheduled to open in late 2019”

  • “$11 million has been allotted for window improvement and replacement, mechanical repairs, flooring and painting of buildings known as the Pomo cluster at the north-west corner of the Indian Valley campus”

  • “$10 million for the Miwok Cluster, buildings at the north-central part of the Indian Valley Campus…This project is expected to finish in 2027”

  • “$9 million is allotted to irrigation improvements, parking lot repairs and improvements to make buildings and walkways easier for disabled people to negotiate…scheduled to wind up in 2027”

  • “About $9 million in bond money will pay the college’s part of the costs for Novato community center and Rotary site on the Indian Valley Campus…This project is expected to be done in 2020”

Visit for more information on the exciting changes taking place soon!


January 17, 2017

IVC/Novato Rotary Community Center Signing

What a great way to start the year!  Here are some photos of the signing of the agreement between IVC & Novato Rotary for our new Community Center!  Let the games begin!


Novato Rotary President Larry Harrison, Novato Rotary Member Reggie Winner, and COM President David Wain Coon (bottom left to right) pictured with Novato Rotarians, COM facilitator Michael Frank, and Board of Trustees member Brady Bevis (upper left to right)


Steering Committee Co-Chair Sandi Bowman & Board of Trustees member Brady Bevis


College of Marin Board of Trustees


Rotary Club of Novato leadership: Burt Hofmann, Art Crofts, Sonia Seeman, and Frank Falzon

Measure B Bond

Thanks to the Measure B Bond, we have access to funds to improve and renovate the Indian Valley Campus! Measure B gives both campuses, Kentfield and Indian Valley, access to $265 million to be allocated to bring both campuses up to date. College of Marin is a valuable resource to the students as well as the community. College of Marin provides affordable, local education for students looking to get ahead or transfer to four-year universities. Indian Valley Campus has a chance to thrive again and thanks to the helping hand of Measure B, IVC has the resources. 

Measure B will:

  • repair and upgrade classrooms, science labs, and vocational education facilities

  • repair/replace leaking roofs

  • update buildings to meet current earthquake, fire, and safety codes

  • update campus facilities to provide access


Marin Community College District Saves Taxpayers $6.35 Million

District joins elite group of California community colleges with Aaa/AAA ratings


NOVATO / KENTFIELD, CA—November 20, 2017—Marin Community College District recently locked in savings of approximately $6.35 million for local taxpayers by refinancing Measure C bonds previously approved by voters in 2004.


Under the leadership of the Board of Trustees, the District administration took advantage of historically low interest rates to refinance bonds from its Measure C authorization without extending the term of those bonds.  The District was able to reduce interest rates on the prior bonds from an average of 4.69 percent to 2.97 percent. This action effectively reduces the community’s tax bill by a total of $6,350,020 over the life of the bond refinancing.


Prior to the bond sale, the District received rating upgrades from both Moody’s Investors Service and Standard & Poor’s. Moody’s raised the District’s rating from Aa1 to Aaa and the rating from Standard & Poor’s increased from AA+ to AAA. With the rating upgrades, the College now enjoys the distinction of holding the highest rating given by each agency.


Both Moody’s and Standard & Poor’s noted the District’s strong local economy, tax base, and wealth levels but attributed the rating increases mainly to the District’s strong financial performance and reserve policy.


The District has now joined an elite group of only four other community college districts in California to be assigned Aaa/AAA ratings.


The Aaa/AAA credit ratings distinguished the District’s bond offering from other municipal bonds in the marketplace, which resulted in strong investor demand. During the first 11 minutes of the order period, all $49 million of the bonds had been sold.


At the end of the order period, the District received a total of $176.3 million in orders from a broad investor base which included property and casualty companies, professional retail/money managers, and bank trust departments. While the District doesn’t have a way to identify the specific local companies that bought the bonds, investors included many local and regional companies with clients in Marin County.


Since 2012, the District has refinanced its outstanding Measure C bonds on four occasions. Including the most recent refinancing, the District has saved taxpayers a total of $22.3 million.


“Our community has supported us time and again. We owe it to our taxpayers to lower the burden whenever possible,” said Superintendent/President David Wain Coon. “When market conditions allowed us to significantly lower the interest rate, our Board did not hesitate to pursue the opportunity.”

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