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About Indian Valley Campus

The Indian Valley Campus of College of Marin (IVC) used to be a thriving campus. In fact, it was a separate college prior to being acquired by the College of Marin in 1971 due to anticipating rapid growth in Marin population that didn’t materialize. When recessions and funding cutbacks caused College of Marin to consolidate resources at the Kentfield campus, our Novato campus suffered from lack of maintenance and declining enrollment. 

Over 5 years ago a new administration, a renewed economy, and local taxpayer support through 2 successful bond measures breathed new life into IVC!  There have been additional academic classes, 21st Century Career Tech courses like Smart Car repair in the new TransTech building, regional leadership in Biotech to better serve our local businesses, and other exciting new educational and community-serving programs.


New partnerships with Novato’s high schools encourage dual enrollment for students wanting advanced classes. The new COMPASS program nurtures high school students from their freshman year through their graduation with a full year of college credit and also offers their second year at College of Marin tuition free!


Measure B recently passed which will finally allow for the completion of modernization and upgrades of the Indian Valley Campus. Improvements include but are not limited to:

  • A NEW Olympic-sized pool 

  • Substantial improvements to the organic farm to include a teaching facility

  • A partnership with the Novato Rotary to create a $10-12 Million dollar Community Center for Novato,

  • New and upgraded science labs

Who we are


After the first Bond Measure was implemented in 2004, people in Novato felt that they didn’t get their “fair share” because of the emphasis on modernization concentrated on much needed upgrading of the Kentfield Campus. Some members of the Novato community got together in 2015 to form Friends of IVC (FIVC) to make sure that our northern campus received the funding and attention that Novato deserved through it’s taxpayer support of Measure B, the 2016 Bond Measure. Starting with a tour of IVC put together by the FIVC which was attended by more than 80 interested Novatoans, FIVC led the development of a community driven “New Vision” for IVC that was unanimously adopted in a Resolution of commitment by College of Marin Board of Trustees Spring of 2016. The Friends of IVC Steering Committee, led by Co-Chairs Sandi Bowman and Shelly Scott, has met almost every week since its inception to continue to explore and develop ways to create better communication and support IVC with both College of Marin and the community. Results have been exciting and rewarding.


Dr. David Wain Coon, President of the College of Marin, has been working positively and cooperatively with FIVC to get their community input and to keep them informed of relevant ideas and events. The College of Marin Emeritus group have been constantly involved and supportive. Representatives from Novato’s k-12 schools have continually contributed, and historical supporters of IVC, like Callita Moore, have consistently participated.


Friends of IVC requires community support and participation in order to reflect community needs and values. There are no dues. There are no regular meetings that you need to attend. There is only your signing up to be counted as a supporter of the revitalization and renewal of our Indian Valley Campus of College of Marin so it can be a hub for education and activities in our community. Sometimes you may be polled for your opinions, sometimes asked to attend a rally, a tour, a “visioning”, or other gatherings to demonstrate our support - and it will be fun as well as fruitful!


Please join us in revitalizing our entire community in this positive transformation of our beautiful IVC Campus.   

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